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“Freeform” strike & photography show intake

“Freeform” exhibit strike and photography show intake will be Tuesday, April 30th 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Please pick up your “FreeForm” artwork and drop-off your photography show artpieces (three photos per member) in the classroom. Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater. Thanks. See You there!

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4 Elements

Today I am just not producing like I once did. I do continue to paint for myself as I can, but I need a bedroom now where my studio space was. Therefore, I am clearing out a lot of things. Some are old art magazines that I have placed in the VAL classroom. Though old, they still offer a lot of inspiration, so take what you want. Also, in going through some things, I found some of my old notes and one which I thought I would share. It is the description of 4 elements that are important in a painting. They are space, value, rhythm, repetition. It’s not that I have forgotten them; it’s just that I don’t always think of them specifically when I am creating a painting. I thought this might refresh your thinking too.

Space is that area in your painting that objects do not occupy. Space is negative form; objects are positive form. You can use the space between objects as a flat surface or as the illusion of space in depth. Pay attention to this space so that it also has good design, a harmonious relationship to the positive space, and good form. Avoid obvious holes in your composition.

Value is the degree of darkness or lightness in relation to other objects. It’s a matter of judgment. Developing the ability to recognize good tone balance can result in many simple compositions in black and white with two or three extra tones (different grays). A dark or light object looks dark and light only if you relate it to some other value.

Rhythm helps the eye follow the order of the composition. An element repeated without a change of shape or size is monotonous. Create good rhythm in seemingly monotonous objects by purposely varying the size and position of the repeated elements. Composition should lead the eye freely from point to point. Never allow the eye to become trapped in a corner; create good rhythm, order, and balance.

Repetition is the biggest danger to preserving spontaneity in a painting. The human mind tends to organize everything to death – trees in a mechanical order. Nature manages to grow the same number of trees in an uneven more natural and more pleasing disorder. Organized rhythm is monotonous, dull, and much less pleasant than the more disordered order found in nature.


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To All Members Who Are Listed In Our Membership Directory

The Executive Board has decided to print an update to the membership directory instead of printing an entirely new directory.

The update will include the new members information and also corrections to the existing listings of the membership.

Please check your information in the directory carefully and if you want to change anything, add anything, or delete anything, please send/email the changes to your listing to the membership chairman, Lorraine Hayes.

The update will be sent out in April, the anniversary month of our directory.

— Lorraine Hayes, VAL Membership

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Transition, Transition, Transition

There are many wonderful things the VAL members have made happen while moving at a hectic pace. Thanks to each and everyone who have been flexible during the transitioning. There is more to come to get us through this year and positioned for a creative and active new year. Again each member is asked to search themselves and determine where you want to blend and share your talents to carry VAL forward to a new and brighter future.

“To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.”
— Schumann

Wishing WandARTful things for you and yours!

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Thank you to our volunteers!

A special thanks to VAL’s On the Move people, who made the commitment to make Saturday, November 19, 2011 a huge success.

There were multiple opportunities including the physical Move from the old location to the new location, ATC Workshop, Strike of the On the Move show, Intake of the Toyland show and Painting Relocation.

  1. Addye Fowler
  2. Sherry Reynolds
  3. Valery Corwin
  4. Tim Corwin
  5. Tommy Smith
  6. Murthy Mantha
  7. Wanda Grice
  8. Barbara Barnett
  9. Chuck Hendrickson
  10. Paula Haynes
  11. Cathy Powers
  12. Kathleen Womack
  13. Christi Martin
  14. Dulce Ruque
  15. Jackie Haugen
  16. Allan Haugen
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