Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Visual Art League formed and
what is the purpose of the Visual Art League?

The VAL was organized in 1978 with the purpose to increase the enjoyment of the arts and enhance appreciation of art talent. We have done this through classes and workshops for art instruction, exhibitions of professional arts as well as emerging artists, providing judges for various groups and schools.

Are all the members of the Visual Art League painters?

No, not at all. Members include professional artists, art educators and others whose passions are the visual arts. That includes those who just like to look at art, those that collect art and those that want to know more about art. Some may not be artists when they join, but the creative environment usually rubs off. We do have artists who paint, but also artists who sculpt, create jewelry, are photographers and on and on.

What does the Visual Art League do, to interest non-painters?

We have lectures and presentations by professional artists in a wide range of subjects. Additionally, rotating exhibits are scheduled monthly.

How does VAL give local artists exposure?

Through exhibitions at the Art Center and other locations and through publications and news articles.

As Lewisville has grown, what changes have there been
in the Visual Art League (VAL)?

As Lewisville has grown, the needs of the community for exposure to art has grown. There are more people interested in the stories art has to tell, and in giving their children art education, and there are more local artists who want to give to the community and show their works. Therefore, the Visual Art League is more important today than ever to satisfy these needs.

The VAL has always been a non-profit organization, but we applied for and received non-profit status from the IRS in 1995. This means that donors may deduct contributions. This also opened an opportunity for the VAL to apply for grants.

At the same time, VAL located in a small space on Main Street. It has since moved into its current location with three exhibit areas. Plans are now being made for the establishment of a summer education program.

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