Important Emails

Important Emails You Need To Know

Press Releases
R’Lene Winters handles all of our press releases. Please contact her with your newsworthy items call 972-874-3919 or email R’Lene. To view the current VAL news, go to neighborsgo, choose Lewisville on the drop down menu, then choose Arts & Entertainment and next choose Stories.

Tierney’s Exhibit
To get into the rotation for the Tierney’s exhibit please contact Darla Bostick

Viewpoints Newsletter
To have your news listed in our newsletter, contact Viewpoints editor Dulce Ruqué. Deadline for information is the 25th of every month. Be sure to include a photo with your news.

Member Happenings
To have your event included in “Member Happenings” please email the information to VAL Newsletter Submissions no later than Friday of the week before the event. In the subject line state “Member Happenings Info.”